As a member of the Charter First Insurance Program, your school has free access to the SafeSchool Training site. SafeSchools is the leading online training and compliance management system for school employees. The system includes a comprehensive library of 100% school-focused courses matched with a state of the art compliance management system, which make it easy to efficiently
deliver and document training.

In this webinar, CEO and Co-Founder Brian Taylor is the CEO and Co-Founder will show you how to get your school started on the SafeSchools Training system for Charter First Insurance. In addition to highlighting some of the classes available, we will review the implementation process and a few of the basic administrative features so you can start using SafeSchools to train your employees today!

About Brian Taylor:
Brian Taylor is the CEO and Co-Founder of Scenario Learning, a company that makes safety a priority with web-based safety and compliance solutions for schools, including the award winning SafeSchools Training program. SafeSchools Training has helped thousands of districts around the world reduce costs and increase safety through effective staff training.

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