The promise of Employee Leasing is alluring—simplicity, reduced liability, more affordable benefits and insurance programs. But are there downsides to Employee Leasing, or PEO’S (Professional Employment Organizations)?
Join us as we discuss the pros and cons of employee leasing:
• Who is a good candidate?
• What’s involved?
• What are lessons learned?
• What happens when you want to leave?

This webinar is recommended for any executive whose company is considering moving to a PEO platform, or for C-level executives wanting to evaluate their current PEO Provider.

About Eric Swenson:
Eric Swenson is the founder and Head of Workforce Development at RSJ/Swenson, a consulting firm providing Human Resources, Strategic Advisement and Leadership Development programs for small and medium-sized companies in the Western United States. Eric speaks frequently about pressing issues facing businesses today—from the millennial generation to leadership challenges. His company has provided a hotline service to Chapman Benefits Clients for 5 years.

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