Education is one of the most important and influential fields to be involved in. Protecting schools can be difficult, especially when it comes to cyber security. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks do occur and it is crucial that schools are prepared for the worst.

In this webinar, Christina Terplan, an expert in cyber-attacks and data breaches, will share her knowledge on these issues. Topics will include an overview of state and federal breach notification laws, potential losses and liabilities following a data breach, examples of data breaches suffered by schools, recommended best practices for preventing a breach, and best practices for responding to a breach.

About Christina Terplan:
Christina Terplan is a partner at Clyde & Co, and practices in the area of privacy law. She regularly provides advice regarding the investigation and response to data breaches and cyber-attacks,
including the issuance of breach notification letters, responding to regulatory investigations, and handling of consumer lawsuits. In addition, Christina has been active in working with insurers in the development of new insurance programs and manuscripted coverages relating to intellectual property, cyber security, and data breaches

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