It’s not just about providing insurance...

It’s about helping to keep your school safe.

Charter First Insurance provides risk management services and consultations as part fo the program to help you prevent losses from occurring, and if a loss does occur, to handle it effectively with the least amount of disruption to your school.


Designed by school leaders and school insurance experts.

Safe Schools

Easily administer training and policies to all your staff online.

Upcoming Events

Webinars and seminars to help keep you informed.


Additional resources to help keep your school safe.

“Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. provides first class insurance services to our network of charter schools in New Orleans.  The staff is easy to work with, the team’s approach to problem-solving is creative and innovative, and all decisions remain focused on what is best for students.  In addition to the best rates on all of our programs, we also get helpful advice and resources that enable us to adopt best practices for managing all aspect of our business.  The team at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. is always accessible, offers quick turnaround on all requests, and makes the time to ensure we get the most out of all our policies.”
Alexander Pearlman | Exec Director of Operations - ReNEW Schools
“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Gallagher over the past few years.  We can always count on a quick and informed response from the team, which is not something easily said about others in the insurance industry.  I would highly recommend them to any school or business looking for the best customer service around.
Daniel L. Shapiro | CPA - Coney Island, A Prep 5-12 Public Charter School in Coney Island
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